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We put at your disposal a wide range of services for traffic management for “La Direccion General de Trafico”

We perform the following services immediately on a daily basis:

Ask for a vehicle report without waiting

Through the vehicle license plate or the car´s chassis you can request a traffic report and obtain the following information:

  • Vehicle´s ownership
  • Technical data
  • Previous numbers of ownership
  • Administrative situation
  • ITV expiration dates
  • Vehicule transmission issues

You just have to contact us and we will send you a mail with the requested information.

You can come to our office to bring us the vehicle documentation and on the same day have it processed on behalf of your name, or if necessary, we can go where you are to collect the documentation.

Requested vehicle documentation

  • Original  driving license
  • Legible copy of the technical sheet
  • ITVM paid from the previous year.
  • You can always ask for the vehicule report to know its status

Documentation from the interverners:

  • Individuals

Current ID from the buyer and the seller

Sales contract (We can provide you that contract if it is needed)

  • Companies

Tax Number of the company

ID of the representative

Sales invoice

In our office you can register both new vehicles and imported.

  • For national vehicles, the registration can be done immediately, having a temporary driving license.
  • For import vehicles, it is necessary to go through a Spanish ITV to obtain the technical sheet. It must be taken into account the origin of the vehicle and if it is not from the EU, they must provide the DUA.

Requested documentation:

ID (Tax ID and ID of the representative of the company)

Technical sheet

Buyer invoice


For the cancellation it is needed the following documents

Vehicle documentation (driving license and the ITV card)

Current ID (if it is a company the TAX ID and the representative ID)

In case you don´t have the vehicle documentation you can always bring a notarized Affidavit of Loss and a traffic report (we can request on behalf of you)

Therefore you can pass the IVTM of your vehicle.

To apply the community transit cancellation it is needed the following documents:

Technical sheet

Driving ID

Current ID (Tax ID and company ID  representative)

This kind of cancellation is when the vehicle stop circulating in Spain because the registration will be done in another country.

The International driving license is needed for temporally driving in different countries that is not the European Union.

Needed documentation

Current  Driving License

Current ID

Picture updated with the following format: 32X26 mm in color.